Monday, 13 November 2017


I have tried to concentrate on my WIPs, honestly, but I may have been distracted just the teensiest bit by a shiny new project! I'm sticking the blame firmly in your court as you clearly haven't been nagging me enough! I have almost finished a pair of socks - just the toe shaping to go - so I will have at least one finished project to share with you very soon, I promise!

So what's caught my attention? Nothing yarny, so at least I can hold my head up and say that I haven't started any new woolly projects! This involves fabric, so is entirely ok! When I was in Norwich with Snoopydog last weekend, we popped into John Lewis as Snoops wanted to get some felt to make a Christmas stocking for her grandson. I was browsing the fabrics when I spotted some rather gorgeous Scandinavian style bunting - each flag separate on a panel of fabric. And even better, each panel was half price at only £7. There were an amazing 33 flags in one pattern panel and the assistant recommended backing each flag in a red sheeting fabric to maximise the number of flags. So far, I've cut out all the flags and hope to sew them together during the week. I'm thinking that they will bring a festive air to my hallway this December. 

It's been getting colder this week and I had to scrape my windscreen one morning. The pattern of ice was beautiful though - there's probably a lace knitting pattern out there somewhere which mimics it!

Today I had a very invigorating walk along Wells beach with my friend Jules and her dog. Benny absolutely loved it on the sand, even though the wind was whipping it up and sandblasting everything in sight. It was the perfect way to blow away some rather gloomy cobwebs that have been hanging around this week.

The sky was very threatening and we were lucky to escape most of the rain! But the wind was strong as you can see from the way it whipped up the sand on the beach. Great fun to be out in and we laughed so much at Benny's antics that it didn't spoil things one little bit! I hope you've done something this weekend that's brought a smile to your face too. xxx

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VeggieMummy said...

Gorgeous fabric - I can't wait to see your festive bunting. That beach looks amazing and you obviously had fun, despite the sandblasting! xx

Lynne said...

Totally agree that the bunting doesn't count as a new knitting WIP! Good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog!!
I also love knitting/crocheting ...and crafting!
Many thanks for writing your blog. I lost my dad 1 and a half year ago and found it really difficult to deal with it at first (especially because I live far from my family and was worried for my mum). You help me understanding how my mum is feeling ...she is such a strong woman, as strong as you are!!
Life goes on and we all have to make the most of it.

Send you a big hug (going to join your giveaway, too! :)).


Cindy said...

Lovely pictures of the changing season! Brrrr! but good you for braving the weather to get some fresh air with a friend and her peppy dog. Your bunting will be so cheery and festive- can't wait to see what it looks like when finished and put up in your home. Thinking of you and your can do spirit!