Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Sock time lapse

A bus trip to Bath and back this weekend meant there was a lot of knitting time, so it was the perfect excuse to stash dive for yarn and cast on a new sock. (Yarn is The Knitting Goddess 4ply BFL and nylon self striping Experimental Rainbow.)

Saturday 09:04 - Norwich Bus Station

10:45 - joining the M11 near Cambridge

11:41 - making our way through Stratford, London

12:59 - grabbing a bite to eat at Cafe Nero, by Victoria Bus Station

Sunday 07:49 - outside Bath Abbey on my way to the bus station

07:54 - admiring the view towards Pultney Bridge

09:25 - a little bit of heel flap love somewhere on the M4

19:38 - home again with Flo taking her usual spot xxx


VeggieMummy said...

Goodness, you're a sock wizard. They grew amazingly quickly. I was doing a little sock knitting in my car outside Bristol's Botanic Garden at the weekend, whilst waiting for my friend to arrive. I managed to drop one of my dpns and, by sheer bad luck, it shot down the tiny gap in front of the handbrake. R came to the rescue when I got home; it took him an hour to dismantle the console and put it all back together - he was not best pleased! Happy sock wearing as I imagine you've finished them by now! xx

Charlotte said...

Wow, that is speedy! I like the colours as well - bright but not too overpowering.

Pam said...

A well travelled sock, I love "guilt free knitting", no chores waiting while you knit just one more row. Norwich Bus Station looks a great deal different since my last visit.

Lynne said...

Loving the journey of a sock! And it's looking great. Completely beside the point, but have you tried the ginger cake in Cafe Nero? It's absolutely delicious!!