Sunday, 16 December 2018


It was my birthday this week and my friends made sure that I felt special. Julia made me the most amazing lemon drizzle cake which tasted every bit as good as it looked. I was bowled over with all the detail - the balls of yarn, the cotton reel and needle, the buttons and the tape measure. It must have taken her hours to make it - I'm very lucky to have such good friends. 

On my actual birthday, Julia treated me to a fused glass taster workshop and we spent a very enjoyable couple of hours each making a coaster. I dabbled in stained glass a long, long time ago, but still have a couple of boxes of bits and pieces of glass tucked away in the garage. So now of course, I'm wondering if it would be possible to fit a small kiln in there too!

The rest of my week has been very lazy, and I've been working on my Attic24 Hydrangea blanket and my Opal Advent calendar Madewell cardigan. I'm pretty much up to date with them and all being well, they should both be finished on Christmas Eve!

Flo has been very pleased that I've been taking things easy, although not that impressed about having to share my lap with a big blanket! She has swiped me several times to show her disapproval! 

I've still got some gifts to finish too - sewing, knitting and crochet! Nothing like leaving things to the last minute! I'm enjoying unwrapping my miniballs of yarn from the ThreeBagsFull Advent yarn swap too. I'm wondering about the possibility of knitting a stripy jumper with them, although I guess I will wait and see how the colours progress. I'm loving how they look so far. What would you make with them? xxx


Christi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! What a lovely cake your friend made, the detail is amazing!! Your coasters are very nice as well, it is so satisfying to go to a workshop and bring home lovely, useful items and also learn a new craft. I'm scrambling to finish up my small Christmas knitting projects in time for the big day, I've got socks on the go for my niece's little boys. Thank goodness they have tiny feet!

I emailed you on your birthday, not sure if you received it but I was thinking of you and sending good wishes and hugs.

Take care,
Kim from Canada xxx

VeggieMummy said...

Happy Birthday, Helen! It looks like you celebrated in style. That cake is AMAZING! I envy you your glass fusion workshop; I tried it once and loved it. Your coaster is gorgeous and I think you should definitely invest in a kiln! I can't wait to see your finished blanket and cardigan. Maybe a cowl with your miniskeins? xx

Jennyff said...

Happy birthday. How could you possibly eat that cake,it’s far too beautiful. Love the coaster too, the colours remind me of sea glass.

Lynne said...

Oh my goodness, that cake is amazing! As is your coaster, looks like you had a lovely birthday.