Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Hunkering down

The news is quite depressing and scary at the moment with the Coronavirus pandemic seemingly spreading at an alarming rate. The government has started making noises about the elderly and other 'at risk' people self-isolating for a significant length of time - possibly as long as four months. I guess that I fall into the 'at risk' category because my immune system is compromised by taking daily immunosuppressants as well as having had some infusions of other immunosuppressant drugs. Although I have been on my own since Mr JK died, so am used to my own company (and Flo's of course!), it's nice to know that up until now, I've had the choice of when to go out and meet with friends. Now that luxury may be about to vanish. So I'm starting to make plans about how I will spend my time if enforced isolation comes into play.

I will read and listen to audiobooks. I have a mahoosive pile of books to read, so there will definitely be reading each day, escaping into virus-free worlds.

I will dig out the jigsaw mat and get a jigsaw underway. Mr JK and I always did the Ravensburger 1000 piece Christmas jigsaw, but I haven't done one since he died. Is it wrong to do a Christmas jigsaw at Easter I wonder?! Who cares, I will make up my own rules. The hardest part will be to keep Flo off the table as instantly she's not allowed on it, she decides that it is the comfiest place to sleep!

I will catch up on some much loved TV programmes and films. I might even binge-watch the whole of Downton Abbey again; it was such a lovely series. If I get desperate, Mr JK had the complete set of Carry On films! Oooh matron! Let's hope it doesn't come to that! 

I will do some colouring to relax and chill out. I used to love colouring books when I was a child and can still remember the excitement of getting a new pack of felt tip pens each Christmas. Bliss!

I will knit myself some lovely happy stripy socks. This yarn colourway is called 'Self Addressed Love Letter' and comes from The Yarn Badger. I think that the name is highly appropriate for the current climate. You've got to love yourself and take care of yourself.

I will enjoy spending time with Flo; she's quite good at chatting back to me with an agreeing meow so I will always have someone to talk to.

I will spend some time outside in the garden each day, topping up my vitamin D and getting some fresh air. If I'm able to, I might even start a little bit of tidying up. But even if it's just sitting and drinking a cuppa, then that's ok too.

I'm sure that lots more ideas will come to me, but I'd love to hear of any suggestions you might have to help prevent cabin fever. Keep safe, wherever you are. xxx


Catherine said...

All the usual suspects like you, knitting (I love the name of your yarn), maybe even quilting and embroidery again. I’ve a fully stocked sewing room. Colouring and sketching, listening to a new (to me) classical radio station, Scala radio which is fantastic. Walking in the early part of the day or late evening, gardening. I’ve started a supportive and private group for our choir members on Facebook so that we can interact, ask for help, post links to music, poetry and other items of interest.
I’ve even set up a delivery of a small bouquet of flowers for myself every fortnight from a local florist who may struggle. Something to look forward to while she is able to fulfill an order. Who know how long that will last?
Ringing my Mum twice a day and catching up with friends. My phone bill will be enormous.
What bothers me is not doing all these things but not having the freedom of choice to see people.

Jane Winter said...

I am so pleased to hear that you are making the most of this horrible situation Helen. I must admit to feeling very unsettled at the moment and struggling to concentrate on anything and I am not in the tough situation that you are since, at the moment, my health is good. Let's hope that everything settles down as soon as it possibly can.

Good luck!


VeggieMummy said...

What a great post; full of fantastic ideas for riding out the pandemic. I have the complete series of The Good Life too, so I'll think of you when I watch them. If the lockdown gets more severe I'll have to give up going swimming but will continue to do my daily yoga at home. I might even start a 'Corona Quilt' or finish off the scrappy one that I started last year. R is working from home today and has cabin fever already. It doesn't bode well! :0) Stay well, my friend. xx

cristina said...

well, I remember the days after my surgery, when I was not allowed to make any efforts. I stood in bed most of the time, of course, and slept a lot. That was good. After a while, I started do make phone calls, talking to all of my friends. Time goes by so quickly, you'll never notice! Gardening a little bit is an option, namely weeding out. Listening to the birds, smelling the spring air, listening to the silence ... Pinterest is another website that eat much time.
You can study things on internet, try to find nice groups on FB, do some research on things that interest you (I have a passion about essential oils, for example), you can sew, knit, crochet, read, listen to the music and sing along, write a letter to someone ... write lovely blog posts such this one ...

AngelaT said...

What a lovely blog post and comments. I am feeling anxious too but in all the horrible stuff you read online your blog is like a ray of sunshine and this latest post made me smile. Like you I have books to read, I became the home for pre-loved jigsaws so that will keep me busy. And today I have received Spring's CraftPod www.craftpod.co.uk with some new stitches to learn. Also I seem to recall having once received a Calligraphy kit - maybe I could teach myself that?
Always love reading your posts and also Flo's - do hope she will tell us her plans for riding this storm.
Stay safe

DebbyMc said...

All sound like good ideas. You reminded me to hunt up our jigsaw puzzles! Warmed my heart to see the Flo bookmark I made for you next to your pile of books! I'm glad you have her to keep you company (and on your toes!) We are isolating since we are over 65. I plan to knit, read, watch various series on Netflix,Acorn, etc, maybe even get out some VERY old quilting UFOs, and plant a good vegetable garden. All things I love doing, anyway. Stay well, Helen! Hugs to Flo!

weavinfool said...

And here am I, retired, meetings cancelled, in my 70’s, with an enormous swath of free time ahead, as excited as can be to not have to go anywhere. I’ve started a book, am knitting on a blanket of naturally dyed yarn, have started my spring planting, and have time to cook. I love doing jigsaw puzzles so will get one started soon. I can stay in touch with friends via email and my children/grandchildren with facetime or skype or whatever that app is called.
In a couple of weeks I may not be so chipper about this, but for now it seems like a fun vacation. Stay home, take care, pet Flo and this too shall pass.

Clicky Needles said...

I love a jigsaw and one at Easter sounds just the ticket. Stay safe JK. CN x

Jennyff said...

Stocked with yarn and books here too though at present we are still walking out onto the moors away from people for a bit of exercise. I intend to keep in touch regularly via email with friends home and abroad and of course through blog visits. However I won’t be singing from the balcony, I’m tone deaf. Take care both of you xx

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Cindy said...

Those are great ideas for staying busy. I am thinking of you- take care!

Christi said...

What a great list of things to do while hunkered down. I love Ravensburger puzzles, the images are always lovely and the pieces fit together so nicely; they are a pleasure to do. We have been social distancing and self-isolating for a couple of weeks now in BC, all schools and many businesses have closed down and only essential services are open. I'll be thinking of you and Flo, take care of each other and be well.

Sending love and hugs,
Kim from Canada xx