Thursday, 9 April 2020

Rainbow Ripples Trainer Socks

You have probably noticed rainbows popping up everywhere at the moment. They are being used as a sign of hope and positivity, and a way of saying thank you to all those key workers who continue to do their upmost to beat the terrible Coronavirus. I love rainbows - they make me feel ridiculously happy - and I'd like to think that there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. My pot of gold will be staying safe and well, along with my friends and family and being out and about once again. 

I have rather a lot of rainbow yarn in my stash as you can see from this post here! I recently used a skein from Fab Funky Fibres when I was learning how to knit an afterthought heel and I had enough yarn left to knit another pair of socks. So I present to you now my Rainbow Ripple Trainer socks. Perfect for using up oddments of yarn as they don't need a huge amount. You will need 30-35g of striping yarn and 10-15g of contrast yarn for the heels and toes. You can choose to knit them using a contrast heel and toe if you like, or just use the same yarn throughout. There are no rules! The pattern is available for free from Ravelry and is written for a medium adult foot. Because the pattern is quite stretchy, I have found that it fits a variety of foot shapes and if you want it longer, that's an easy fix! Lots of indi dyers seem to be dyeing rainbow yarn right now, but if you want to spend less, then you can't go wrong with West Yorkshire Spinners Rum Paradise which is available from Wool Warehouse and other online yarn shops. Check to see if your local yarn shop is offering an online service during lockdown, as your custom will help them no end. I hope you have fun knitting them; they are super quick to knit up and before you know it, you'll have very happy feet! 
Download your copy of the pattern here now! Happy knitting and stay safe everyone! xxx


Jane Winter said...

What gorgeous socks and what a lovely cheery post.

Thank you Helen

Jennyff said...

We received our rainbow yesterday, a poster from our grand nieces which is on display at the window. I'd be tempted to hang those socks in the window they are so gorgeous and would cheer anyone passing by.

VeggieMummy said...

You definitely have Happy Feet! xx

Christi said...

Very cute and cheery socks, I love the bright colors! I hope you are staying safe, healthy and doing well.

Hugs, Kim from Canada xx