Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Happy feet!

I have extremely happy feet right now. I've finished two pairs of socks and my feet have a great big grin on them! There is nothing nicer than snuggling your toes into a brand new pair of handknit socks! The first pair is my own pattern, 'It's Seagull o'clock' and the main yarn is a skein from Burrow & Soar. I bought two skeins last year and ended up using one as a prize in my raffles. The person who won that particular prize was Spinthrift and she decided to knit my Seagulls socks. She added some minis as contrast cuffs, heels and toes, and when I saw the photo that she'd posted on Ravelry, I loved them so much that she very kindly sent me the leftovers of the minis for my own pair. It's nice knowing that I have a sock twin! Thank you Jane! If you'd like to knit a pair yourself, you can buy a copy of my pattern from Ravelry here

The second pair is a plain vanilla sock where the beautiful yarn is allowed to show itself off - no other pattern needed! The yarn is from The Yarn Badger and is called 'Double Rainbow'. It's incredibly soft and has silver stellina in it for extra twinkly toes! I'm taking part in the Rainbow Sock Chronicles this year which is being run by Lay Family Yarn and Sew Sweet Violet. But instead of knitting a pair each month just one colour of the rainbow, I'm going with ALL the rainbow colours! I've already cast on my next pair of rainbow socks and I'll share progress photos soon. Take care and stay safe. xxx


Jane Winter said...

Wow; you have been busy Helen; well done. Last time you gave us an update you had half a dozen wips on your needles and none of them looked that near completion. I am afraid that we are not quite sock twins as on one or two muddy walks the mud has seeped in through my shoes and I don't think that my Seagulls will ever be quite so beautiful again. They are still my favourite socks though and get a lot of wear (hence the mud incidents). In fact, I am wearing mine now!
Funnily enough I am currently knitting vanilla rainbow socks too. I am using the other skein of sock yarn that I won in your raffle which is by FabFunkyFibers. I have finished the first sock and it is AMAZING. However, I have got distracted by other things so the second one is currently languishing; I can see that I will have to follow your good example and get them finished.
Have a good week
Jane x

VeggieMummy said...

I'm not surprised that you have happy feet - your socks are glorious. I love the seagull design and your 2nd pair makes me want to dig out some rainbow yarn. I've the sleeve of a jumper to finish first though and it seems to be taking me forever! xx

Jennyff said...

Your feet are happy and those lovely socks made me happy too, although I am wearing flipflops today as it’s forecast to be 17 degrees. I’ve never really seen the point of those mini skeins but I love the idea of contrasting heels and toes, and cuffs, how pretty. So I’m also happy that I’ve learnt something, thank you, have a happy day.