Sunday, 20 March 2022

Happy Saturday snippets

*** A vase of daffodils bringing sunshine into my kitchen ***

*** Flo sunbathing on the garden table ***

*** Blue sky ***

*** Quince blossom ***

*** Happy sock stripes ***

*** Enjoying a cuppa in my new mug ***

*** Hooking another row on my Harbour blanket ***

*** Hellebores in sunshine ***

I hope that your weekend has had some happy times too! xxx


VeggieMummy said...

Beautiful photos. A bit of sun and blue sky makes all the difference and I don't blame Flo for taking the opportunity to do a bit of sunbathing. I love your tea mug! xx

Jane Winter said...

I agree with VeggieMummy; that is a brilliant tea mug. However, I would increase the dose if I were you.

Those stripey socks look yummy; especially the one on the right.x