Tuesday, 30 May 2023

A spot of stitching

I have been meaning to share these pretty stars with you since January! As part of a friend's birthday present, I arranged for an online Zoom stitching workshop with the designer Anna. You can take a look at her Instagram page here. Anna sent me a materials pack in advance so we had everything that we would need to make our own decorated stars. The hour's workshop went by so quickly, but we were all able to complete one star. My knowledge of embroidery stitches was a little bit rusty and I eventually managed to crack French knots! We added beads and sequins to our stars for some extra sparkle. I have plenty of felt left to make more stars - I should crack on with them now, rather than leave it until towards Christmas when I will no doubt have a gazillion other things to be doing! Watch this space! xxx



VeggieMummy said...

Zoom workshops, what a brilliant idea! I love the stars and well done on the French knots, mine can be very hit and miss! xx

Jane Winter said...

I particularly love the white star with the pale pink stitching; it's lovely. I also struggle with French knots.
I am going to a zoom workshop this afternoon to learn Swiss darning/visible mending with Collingwood-Norris. I am super excited about it!

Jennyff said...

They are really nice but you are the second blogger today to mention Christmas. It is the first of June, we have to have summer and autumn yet. Today I put on my shorts for the first time in 2023, I cannot contemplate the festive season until at least mid December, which may be why I never knit all the gifts I imagine I will.