Sunday, 31 May 2009

A bit of beach knitting

Mr Josiekitten and I have just returned from a week in Kos. We had a wonderful time there, and really chilled out. The weather was perfect - hot (but not too hot) and sunny. Our days were spent relaxing on the sandy beach, and of course, I made sure that I packed plenty of knitting to keep myself busy! Knitting on the beach wasn't nearly as tricky as I thought......

Greece May 2009 082

I managed to finish my May Sock Challenge Nutkin socks. Even though I cast on 72 stitches, they still need a little tug to get them over my instep. But once on, they feel great, and they don't seem to be suffering from the evil twist encountered by many knitters of this pattern.

Nutkins in May

I also finished my Ishbel shawl. Now that it's blocked, you can really see the lace pattern much better, and I love it!


I even finished another pair of socks - Cheeky Greek Monkeys. They are for Andrea, a friend in Germany, who we'll be visiting later in the summer. This is such a fun pattern to knit, and very quick too. I must have knitted one sock in total just on the flights to and from Greece.

Cheeky Greek Monkeys

I'll post some more photos in the next couple of days. And I'll also let you know what June's Sock Challenge sock is going to be! Bye for now!


Kate said...

What lovely scenery for doing some knitting. :-)

Dianne Neale said...

Hi There

Just discovered your website which is great although Ive never knit a sock in my life (and probably never will!)
I'm interested that you were knitting on a flight to Greece. I thought they wouldn't let you in the cabin with needles (sharp dangerous things that they are). I am off to China in September and could get a lot of crocheting done on that flight!