Sunday, 17 May 2009

Busy doing nothing

Life has been pretty hectic here since I last blogged. We had family over from Canada staying for a week, and then I was busy with SATs at school, so very little knitting has been done. I've missed chilling out in the evenings. The only thing I've finished is a pair of 'mindless knitting' socks, for Mr Josiekitten's cousin. I've used the Violet Green sock pattern generator, as I find it's a pretty good fit. I used an Opal yarn, Sock Circus - it never ceases to amaze me how the pattern appears!

Monika's Circus socks 001

The yarn was ok, but some stripes look more washed out than others. You can see it in the turquoise bands near each toe. They don't quite match, as I would have had to cut out virtually a whole pattern repeat's worth of yarn! But I'm sure that they will keep Monika's toes nice and toasty next winter!

My May sock challenge socks are also coming on. I seriously LOVE this yarn! I just hope that I don't run out. Here's how they're looking.....


My other WIPs are all still on the needles, with little or no change! But I'm not going to start any new, big projects until they're all done!

I was a bit naughty yesterday. I popped into Norfolk Yarn on the way home from Norwich, and came out with 5 skeins of Manos del Uruguay Silk blend to make Moonstone, a pattern I saw in the latest edition of The Knitter. But I justified my purchase, because I had just had some money credited back onto my credit card, so it didn't really cost me anything!!!!! That's what I shall tell Mr Josiekitten if he asks! I chose a lovely subtle mix of pinks. Take a look.

stash 40

For some time now, I've been wanting to start a sock yarn blanket. I saw Shelley's blanket on Ravelry, and that has inspired me! I plan to make a start on it over the summer holidays, and in the meantime, have signed up to take part in a mini skein swap on Phoenix Knitting Forums. My skeins are wound, ready to be sent. I'll post a photo here once they've been received.

Only a week until half term, and then Mr Josiekitten and I are heading off to Greece for a week. I can't wait! Of course, a holiday brings the dilemma of what knitting to take with me. When we went last October, it wasn't really beach weather. I'm not sure how well wool, sand and suncream really get on! I'll probably take some socks, but I'm not sure what else. I do like to have some choice!! Have you got any suggestions?

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tammy said...

Thank you very much Kitty, for
the info. on the name of the sox.
You have a lovely blog. Always glad to find another sock knitter.