Monday, 17 January 2011

The great needle gobbling sofa monster!

Dear Yarn Gods and Goddesses,
Please forgive me because I have sinned! But it wasn't my fault! I was busy at home sat on my new sofa, sewing in ends, finishing up projects just like I promised I would, when all of a sudden I dropped my most favouritest 'sewing in ends' needle! And before I could stop it, the nasty sofa had gobbled it up! I searched high and low for it, my trusty faithful old friend. We go back a long way, you see. But it was no good. The nasty needle gobbling sofa monster had eaten it all up! There was nothing I could do. The next day, when I was out shopping, I happened to come across a most wonderful shop, Hobbycraft, purveyor of all things crafty and good! There I managed to find what can only be described as the twin brother of my needle! Oh how good it was to see him! Alas, as I was walking along the aisle to find the needle, my eyes happened to glance at some yarn. Not just any ordinary common or garden yarn. No indeed! This was sock yarn of the most bargainous kind! Yarn that I had been ooh-ing and aah-ing at from the depths of my computer screen. And before I knew it, several balls of this yarn had thrown themselves into my basket! I want you to understand that this sock yarn is not for me (well, probably not anyway!), but for some of my friends who have requested socks in these very colourways. How could I turn away and ignore such wonders! Besides which, Mr JK was there with me, and he authorised the purchase!
Please forgive me, and I promise that I shall not be lead astray anymore!
Love from josiekitten xxx

essential post footy match purchases (1)

PS - Just in case any of my friends should be tempted by the same purchase, I feel duty bound to tell them that Regia Design Line Jazz Colour by Erika Knight is only £2.99 a ball at Hobbycraft. Thank you! xxx


kim said...

I have only one thing to say to you........yarn temptress......I am now pacing my living room trying to ignore the little voice in my head sreaming SOCK YARN £2.99 AT HOBBYCRAFT..........and chanting to myself "I must be faithful to my stash."

Lovely colours too.

florrie x

Jennyff said...

I was wondering who was going to be the first amongst my blog friends to weaken and buy yarn this year, you didn't last long did you. I sensed the guilt since you had to explain at length why you were in the shop. I am seriously envious, if they were 100g balls I'd think of stealing them from you which would put the guilt onto me and thus be doing you a favour.

Kate said...

Not looking!! I am such a sucker for pretty, man-proof yarns.

Lynne said...

These yarn purchases are not your fault!!

Stick with me, there's logic in it. If the Gobbling Sofa Monster hadn't stolen your No 1 favourite sewing-in needle, you would not have been required to go to said fabulous craft shop to purchase a new one. Therefore, you would not have been tempted by the lovely new yarn. And being a humble knitter, there is no way you could be expected to resist aforementioned temptation.

So, the blame for this can be laid fairly and squarely at the door of said Gobbling Sofa Monster, who now owes you the cost of the lovely yarn and the new needle, and a great big apology!!!

I rest my case! :)

snoopydogknits said...

Why on earth did you tell us that!!!!! Who's the weakest of them all? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! XX

Northern Monkey said...

I got the one in the middle from the John Lewis sale just after Christmas so I don't need to go to Hobbycraft now, aha! Your enabling attempts are my already being incapable of resisting yarn.

Unknown said...

the yarn goddesses gave you a deal since you had to find your brother needle. it is so.

melissa said...

well if you're going to break the yarn diet, at least you found a clever way to do it.
bargain priced lovely stripy sock yarn?!? how were you supposed to resist?

knittingsandwich said...

that is such a funny story-- those couches are really greedy! well if you are going to break the diet, what a way to do it! gorgeous yarn!

kristy said...

I do believe that Sock Yarn does not count as a "real" yarn purchase, such as you use it for something that does not last forever, socks. I wouldn't count it as breaking your yarn fast.

knittingsal said...

I laughed out loud reading this, and even read it to my hubby, and he said, that could be you writing this!!Love your blog

Roadside said...

Definitely the sofas fault, you could secretly train it to gobble up more stuff so you could go again. :D