Sunday, 26 August 2012

Busy needles

It feels like ages since I posted some finished knitting. So get ready to feast your eyes! Earlier in the summer holidays I spun up a braid of Teddy fibre, a gift from Marianne. I showed you the cowl I knit before going to Greece. I used the remainder of the yarn to knit a simple drop stitch scarf. It shows off the beautiful colour changes perfectly.
Lovehearts Teddy drop stitch scarf 001

The pattern is dead easy, and perfect for showing off the beauty of handspun yarns.

Lovehearts Teddy drop stitch scarf 002

I also finished my second Citron shawl, knit with a skein of Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace yarn. This is a 60th birthday present for a friend, and I need to get it wrapped up and posted. I do like this pattern, even though the rows get a little tedious as the shawl gets bigger. I think it's worth it. I plan to knit a third one, beaded this time, for another friend.
Truly Scrumptious Citron (1)

I've finished another pair of plain vanilla socks for one of my Uni friends. This pair has some cotton in the yarn, so feels lovely and soft. They do seem a little big, so I might wash them and stick 'em in the tumble dryer for a bit. They will do as 'boot socks' anyway!

Plain vanilla socks no9 (2)

My last finished knit for today is the project I undertook for the Ravellenics (knitting Olympics on Ravelry.) I entered it in a number of events - beads, lace, shawl, one skein and stash - and was so pleased with myself that I managed to finish it before the end of the Games. Sadly, I didn't have the technology  to post my completed project in the different events while we were in Greece, so missed out on the medals for my team, Team Knitspot. Never mind, I am super-happy with the shawl, and that's the most important thing! I knit it using some yarn that I handspun during the Tour de Fleece this year.

Sweet Georgia Panda

The pattern I chose is Wandering Thyme, currently only available to BareNakedKnitspot members. I love the shape of the shawl, and am so pleased with how it turned out. The yarn is a mix of merino and bamboo, so it drapes beautifully. I had thought that the beads were too inconspicious, but have since decided that I quite like their subtlety! What do you think?
Wandering Thyme (6)

Wandering Thyme (3)

Wandering Thyme (4)

(Apologies for the creased top, I hadn't realised it was so bad until I saw the photos!!) I found the lace edging quite challenging and could only knit it during the day, when there were no distractions! But it was well worth it. I can see more beaded lacework in my future!
I am near to finishing my Color Affection, just the edging to go now. I also want to get cracking on my mink and cashmere cardigan. I put it aside for the summer, I just hope I can remember what I was doing all those weeks ago!
I am celebrating my Bloggiversary as The Woolly Adventures of  Knitting Kitty is 4 years old today! As a little thank you to you, my readers, I shall be having a giveaway later this week, so make sure you pop back! xxx


Sue said...

Your projects are all so beautiful. The drop stitch scarf really shows off those gorgeous colors doesnt it.

Stitched Together said...

I love that pink shawl. The beads are just right, pretty and subtle. With the colour of that shawl you don't want anything to distract you.

Lynne said...

Everything is gorgeous! I do like the drop-stitch scarf, and it goes perfectly with your coat. The Citron is a lovely colour, and the beaded shawl is beautiful. :)

Claire said...

All so very beautiful, in colour as well as looks. I love the beaded shawl. You have some very lucky friends. :)

Anonymous said...

oh wow, such beauty!
you are an amazing spinner and have such a good eye and picking projects to show off your handiwork.

love the color of your citron - your friend is sure to love it.

busybusybeejay said...

What lovely projects.I love the drop stitch scarf,such beautiful colours.I was at Andyfest near Chester yesterday.Fyberspates were there and ,yes,I succumbed.I couldn't resist!

sapphireblue said...

All your projects look great! I love the colors in the scarf.

snoopydog said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Love them all. Your Wandering Thyme is beautiful I think the beads look just right. You've been a very busy little Josiekitten. Ros x