Thursday, 23 August 2012

Greece is the word!

The sunshine and heat of Greece seem a long time ago as I look outside now at cloudy skies. Mr JK and I had a wonderful break back on our favourite Greek island, Kos. It's ten years since we discovered the place, and we have been back pretty much every year since. The village is typically Greek, no big hotels, nightclubs or rowdy bars. Just simple tavernas and bars frequented by the villagers themselves. Accommodation is arranged through the local people, many of whom have become friends over the years. Perfect! We wanted a total chill out, and that is exactly what we got. Lazy days spent on the beach ..........
Greece 2012 155

...where this was my daily view!

Greece 2012 018

I took plenty of knitting for company (more of that in another post), and made good use of my latest ThreeBagsFull project bag. I made great progress on my Color Affection and hope to have it finished very soon.
Greece 2012 157

Each day we wandered around the harbour. Fishing boats go out daily, bringing in their catch for the tavernas.

Greece 2012 030

We watched this little boat being loaded up with bales of hay while we were eating lunch one day. They certainly managed to pack a lot on. I hope they had some help to unload them all at the other end.
Greece 2012 036

There are always families of cats living in the rocks down at the harbour. We befriended a lovely little family - dad, mum and seven - yes, seven - kittens! The mother cat was just delightful, so friendly and affectionate, and obviously a great mother to have seven surviving kittens. Although she was still feeding her offspring, the kittens had started to be weaned, and were eating cat biscuits and wet food, as well as fish that mum brought back for them from the daily catch. We visited them twice daily, giving them biscuits, cat food and fresh water. I would have loved to have brought one (or two!) back for Florence so she could have a little playmate.

Here are the seven kittens together, followed by several kitty pics.

Greece 2012 051

Dinner time, no table manners required!

Greece 2012 204

Mmmmmm, that was tasty!

Greece 2012 210

I'd like to be Florence's playmate!

Greece 2012 034

No, choose me! I can do a great 'cute' pose!!

Greece 2012 216

We did make a few films of the kittens. I'll upload one here, and if you're interested in seeing more, you ought to be able to see the rest of them on my YouTube channel.

As usual, the food was delicious. Ice cold Mythos beer on the first day was hard to beat!

Greece 2012 008

Olives, my favourite. Mr JK went for Olympic gold and managed to eat five this year, a new personal best for him!

Greece 2012 014

Plenty of tasty salads ......

Greece 2012 022

Olive paste on freshly baked bread, mmmmmmmmmm!

Greece 2012 107

Sardines for Mr JK!

Greece 2012 248

......... and a little furry sardine thief! This cat was hanging around one of our favourite tavernas, trying to steal a fish head or two! It was so funny when his paw suddenly appeared on the table!

Greece 2012 R 051

My favourite is saganaki cheese - it's fried and tastes just delicious! I try not to think too much about the calories!

Greece 2012 R 072

There were beautiful sunsets to admire on a daily basis .......

Greece 2012 141

Greece 2012 224

Greece 2012 R 020

Colourful Mediterranean blooms are everywhere ...

Greece 2012 112

Greece 2012 114

Greece 2012 113

Typically Greek scenes ......

Greece 2012 058

Greece 2012 079

Greece 2012 059

Greece 2012 068

Greece 2012 075

Greece 2012 086

Greece 2012 087

I'm sure that you're wondering how Florence was when we returned. Well, Flo has been banned from the cattery! They have refused to take her back, describing her as 'feral'! Poor little thing, she must hate it in there. She has decided that she's coming with us next time, the suitcase has plenty of room for her too! See you soon for a knitting update! xxx

Greece 2012 252


Inthesky said...

Wow I have never been to Greece your photographs make it look wonderful. Very healthy Greek food, I think that is definitely the direction I need to go in with my Weight Watchers ventures. How sad to leave all those kittens behind :( Poor Florence too she must have really missed you. Banned from the cattery! Tut Tut! Never heard anything like it!

Kim said...

Loved your post Helen! My favorite was the kitty thief! Such a bold little guy! And poor poor Flo. . .. she needs to come with you next time to see her Greek cousins!

Celia said...

I love all your photos! I'm glad you had a good time. I'm drueling over some food.

Claire said...

Lovely photos, I loved the kittens, especially the one pinching the food. Glad you had a lovely time, it does look very nice there.

Kat Jorgensen said...

Poor little FLO!!!! She looks so forlorn and sad. And she so isn't "feral!"

Loved all of the pictures. I wanted the kitties.

All of the food pictures made me hungry.

And the sunsets were divine.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation.

Sally said...

The little kitty thief is hilarious! Love it!

Poor Flo! She must have missed you terribly!

We've finally gone the route of located a pet/house sitter for our 1 dog and 3 cats and she spoils them rotten and I don't worry about them being at the kennel.

Michele in Maine said...

Oh Helen, thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation! I love the kitty pics - so adorable! And the olive paste and lemon bowl photos are marvelous!

So glad you had a nice break. I must add this island to my list!

Poor Flo! Banned! Oh, the humiliation!

Helsie said...

Gosh it all looks so nice... and not at all crowded too. I am amazed others haven't found your little paradise.

Anonymous said...

oh my! such gorgeous photos you make me want to pack it all in and head to greece!
too bad you couldn't have brought yourself some kitties home. flo has no idea what she was missing out on!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are an absolute delight! What an idillic setting! Glad you had such a fantastic time!

snoopydogknits said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Those kitties are just the cutest little kitties ever...... except for Flo, of course. So glad you had a lovely holiday. Perfect, by the look of the pics. Poor Flo! She obviously missed you loads xx Ros