Monday, 29 October 2012

A Scottish Adventure - Day 3

Oh. My. Goodness!!! Before I tell you what we've been doing today, I have to share with you the delicious beef stew that Mr JK rustled up for supper yesterday. It tasted so good. And even better, we are eating it again tonight, with a sliced potato topping. Mmmmmm! Luckily for me, Mr JK loves to cook, and I am happy to eat! So everyone's a winner!

Skye day 3 004

We went to the most westerly point on Skye today when we walked out to Neist Point lighthouse. The cliffs are stunning and in the distance you can see the Outer Hebrides. There was a good path all the way, although it was quite steep in places. I could feel the muscles in my calves!

Skye day 3 012

There were sheep grazing all over the headland, and yet again, wonderful views!

Skye day 3 016

The cliffs look so dramatic - on a stormy day it must be amazing with the waves crashing at their base.

Skye day 3 018

Around one more turn in the path and the lighthouse came into view. The lighthouse is still used, but these days it's fully automated. You can still see the old aerial rope-way pulley system which was used to take supplies out to the lighthouse cottages.

Skye day 3 024

It started raining after lunch so we decided to visit the Talisker whisky distillery. Mr JK is fond of a wee dram, so it was interesting to learn how it is produced. There may well have been a purchase or two!!

Skye day 3 033

On the way back home, we stopped off to admire the views ......again! It really is a beautiful island, and it's made me want to see more of the Scottish Isles. See you tomorrow. xxx

Skye day 3 032

PS - I thought you might like a taste of Mr JK's beef dinner - grab a fork and dig in!

Skye day 3 extra 005


Linda Gilbert said...

Your post reminded me of a holiday I spent with a boyfriend in Skye when I was 18 ... I am now nearing ... 60!
Happy memories so Thank You x

TT in MD said...

Yummy! Now I'm hungry :). Looks beautiful there! Torre

Anonymous said...

oh wow. that second photo and the one of the cliffs simply took my breath away! stunning.

and you tell your mr.jk that he cooks up one gorgeous looking dinner! yum!