Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Scottish Adventure - Day 4

We went into Portree, Skye's main town, today. It has a small harbour with pastel-painted houses on the quay side. Although it's the capital of the island, it really is pretty small, with a handful of shops. I think the islanders must do a lot of their shopping online, because they would have to travel so far to get to what most of us would consider to be essential high street shops. Or perhaps they are just satisfied with a simpler lifestyle. I think it would be quite refreshing.

Skye day 4 008

We parked next to this van in the car park - the slogan on the side made me smile.......

Skye day 4 003

There was a very cute sheepy logo too - I love the way the sheep have been knitted onto the needle, don't you?

Skye day 4 005

On the way home, we stopped off at SkyeSkyns where we found out how the sheepskin rugs were made. We treated ourselves to two gorgeous merino sheepskins, and also a small one for a certain little pussycat. I think Flo is going to love snuggling into a fleece - after all, she is a huge fan of wool! You can see the fleece under my Shilasdair yarn haul - I bought two sweater quantities of DK yarn (the purple and the pink) as well as some skeins of 4 ply that are for various Ravelry swaps I'm taking part in. I can't wait to start knitting with it, but will finish my mink and cashmere sweater first. Hopefully the weather will be a little better tomorrow, as we are hoping to see more of the beautiful scenery. xxx

Skye day 4 011


Lynne said...

I'm just getting caught up with your posts! Your photos are great, and that stew looks delicious!

Helsie said...

Oh I am enjoying your holiday.

Kat Jorgensen said...

Each day I am more and more impressed by the Isle of Sky. Love that slogan!

Michele in Maine said...

Thank you for including us on your wonderful trip! Love the scenes along the coastlines - so different from Maine (yet similar in a way) We don't really have headlands like that.

The yarn - yum! and the stew looks delicious too!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous yarns!
and what an amazing van with a great logo!
what a fun trip!