Sunday, 17 November 2013

Getting free and easy(ish!!)

Well good afternoon to you! Thanks for stopping by. I have some lovely things to share with you today, starting off with the results of a sewing workshop I did last weekend. It was called Free Motion Machine Stitching and was a lot of fun! Normally when you use a sewing machine, the little  'teeth' on the sewing plate pull the fabric through the machine (apologies for any inaccurate terminology here!), but with free motion stitching, these 'teeth' (in my machine manual they are called feed dogs) are lowered, so you are in control of the fabric and the direction in which it moves. To make it easier to start with, we stretched fabric in an embroidery hoop and moved the hoop around under the needle. First, I just played around, changing direction and trying out some patterns.

free motion machine stitching (2)

After that, I wrote my name, in both printed and cursive styles.

free motion machine stitching (3)

Next, we were shown how to take a piece of fabric and using an iron-on Vilene, to attach it to the backing fabric and then use free motion stitching to embellish it. You can see my attempt at a flower here.

free motion machine stitching (4)

I rather like my little owl too. All I did was stitch around the edge and then around the eyes and wings. It almost gives a 3D effect don't you think?
free motion machine stitching (5)

To finish the workshop, we had a little project to complete - to make a felt needle book with a decorated cover. I chose to make a butterfly. I should have kept the black thread in my machine rather than change to the light pink as I don't think there is enough contrast between the stitches and the fabric. After all, the stitches are a feature of this style of sewing. But I'm still quite happy with the way it turned out. If you'd like to see some really beautiful work, Poppy Treffry is a leading light in this area of sewing. (I've put her book on my Christmas list!) There is a really interesting YouTube video here too.

free motion machine stitching (1)

On the knitting front, I finished the first pair of baby socks using the mini ball of Regia yarn. They have already been worn by baby Otto and fit well, so I shall make another pair with the other ball of yarn I bought in Delft.

Cosy toes no.1 002

I still have secret knitting on the go, so can't share that with you yet. I have also wound up some handspun to join in the Phryne mitts KAL in the Fluff-n-Stuff group on Ravelry. The pattern is one I test knit way back in the Spring for my friend Marianne. It's a lovely pattern and super quick to knit, so if you fancy joining in, come on over! Here's the yarn I've chosen.
lots of projects! (4)

I also hope to knit Mr JK a hat before Christmas, so have the yarn wound all ready for the off!

lots of projects! (2)

We have a dusting of snow forecast for later in the week and temperatures are set to drop. Brrrrrr! Hope you're nice and toasty where you are. Keep warm and see you soon! xx


Ilosofiaa said...

lovely handwork, love the socks <3

busybusybeejay said...

You have been busy.I love the machine embroidery.We have snow forecast for tomorrow night.

Claire said...

Machine embroidery is very good fun and you are only limited by your imagination. Bet you'll be doing some more of that won't you? :)

Loving the yarn that you're showing. Those baby socks are so sweet. I also love those project bags I can see in the pictures. I need to get some of those because my projects end up in heaps all over the place.

SapphireBlue said...

I love the embroidery. Using the black thread really makes the design stand out.

Anonymous said...

oh wow!! your free motion embroidery is amazing!! i love the organic feel of it!

snoopydog said...

Oh loving your free and easy embroidery, especially the little owl!!! Gorgeous! Rosx

Jenny said...

Oh yes I can see the potential to produce some lovely things with your new skill but I love the baby socks best of all. Adorable.