Sunday, 10 November 2013

What's in my bag?

Rachel left a comment on my last blog post which led me over to her blog, and to cut a long story short, I discovered Nicsknots lovely blog. Nic makes beautiful project bags and other accessories any knitter would love to own and she is currently hosting a giveaway. All you have to do to be in with a chance to win a project bag is to spill the beans on what's in one of your own knitting bags. So I took the bag I'm currently carrying about, a cute hedgehog print (very autumnal!) from ThreeBagsFull ......
What's in my bag 001

and took a look inside. Here, can you spot anything familiar?!

What's in my bag 002

Then I took everything out and spread it out to show you! It's amazing how much you can fit in really!

What's in my bag 012

I bet you would like a closer look, wouldn't you? It's always fun to snoop through someone else's knitting notions. I like finding new things to try out. So first, there's my current knitting project, some baby socks knit with a baby Regia ball of sock yarn. First sock finished bar the grafting, I hope to get the second one done today.
What's in my bag 013

A second ball of baby Regia to knit another pair of socks.

What's in my bag 005

A LoLo bar and some lip balm. I suffer from dry hands and find these LoLo bars very moisturising. They also smell divine. It's a shame you have to get them from the USA, I wish someone like Loop would stock them!

What's in my bag 006

Highlighter tape, a needle gauge and knitting needle conversion chart. I was sent some tape in a swap once and always use it now when I am working on anything remotely complicated to mark my place!

What's in my bag 007

Some reading glasses for when I am knitting wearing my contact lenses. I have reached 'that age' where I cannot see close up!! Blergh!! Plus a bit of handspun yarn. (Not quite sure how/why that's in there!)

What's in my bag 008

Some mini skeins and key ring chains from The Skein Queen, destined to be Christmas stocking filler gifts, fingers crossed!!
What's in my bag 009

A little notions purse, again from ThreeBagsFull.

What's in my bag 010

And inside this, a few essentials for knitting - stitch markers from Atomic Knitting, scissors, a funky robot tape measure, a selection of sewing needles, a row counter and a broken dpn (I wondered where that had got to!)

What's in my bag 011

So now it's your turn! What's in your knitting bag?! Please share! xxx


busybusybeejay said...

Mine is Cath Kidston knitting bag bought for me by my daughter in law a couple of years ago.So here goes(obviously no photos).

A Leaf Lace scarf(Cayli Harris free pattern) that I am knitting in Posh Yarn Eva lace weight for my sister in law for Xmas.It is already 29 inches long.

Some gloves in Araucania yarn on 4 dpns.Those are for me.I have to make gloves that actually fit.

A knitting gauge.

Stylecraft shade card,

Tape measure,needles,safety pins.

Size 4 crochet hook plus DK to make hexagons for my next blanket for my granddaughter.

A free crochet coaster kit from a magazine.

A loading tag for P and O Ferries in October!!(This knitting bag goes everywhere with me).

Plus a sock pattern,a scarf pattern and various bits of rubbish.

Off to sort it all out now.I promise.

Have a good week.Barbarax

snoopydogknits said...

Ha ha! Looks pretty much a replica of mine!!!! Except.... mine doesn't seem to have opened very much of late :-( Ros x

Celia said...

That's a great idea as I am not exactly sure what's in mine.

Lynne said...

Your sewing bag is lovely, and so organised! Mine is, um, not! In my defence my bag is really a small pencil case, but it's amazing how much stuff is in it! There are a few crochet hooks, loads of stitch markers, some ends of yarn to use as lifelines, safety pins, a few pens/pencils, cable needles, sewing needles, a needle threader, a tape measure and some scissors. The zip won't close though!

Anonymous said...

i love that hedgehog print!! so adorable!!

my knitting bag has turned into a knitting trail that wanders though my house! now that i mention it, i really should go tidy that up :)

Claire said...

I don't really have a knitting bag as such, it's more a knitting sitting room. And as we have only just moved, it's a complete mess and almost impossible to find anything. Although I have located a lot of stuff I had forgotten about. :)