Sunday, 22 June 2014

What a week!

Knitting has been a bit thin on the ground this week, thanks to the arrival of Ofsted at school! We have been expecting a visit since before Christmas, so it didn't come as a surprise. I was just a little fed up that they chose to come in a week when I was not feeling especially well - I have lost my voice - but still had to teach as usual! Anyhow, it's over now, and I am just chilling out for the weekend.
The garden is looking beautiful, there are so many flowers in bloom right now. I just went outside and snapped away for a couple of minutes and came back with this little lot!
summer blooms

I ordered some more wool to knit one more strip on my blanket; it arrived in the week, but of course I was so busy that I didn't cast on until yesterday.

64 Crayons final strip

Once that's done, I shall have the tricky task of prising Miss Flo off her new blankie!! It won't come as any surprise to you to see that she has already claimed it as her own. But I shall stand firm  - this one is all mine (well, mine and Mr JK's!!)
Not missing a trick! 001

I'm not too sure if I will get a chance to blog next weekend. Mr JK and I are off up to the Lake District - while Mr JK is climbing Scafell Pike, I shall be surrounded by woolly goodness at Woolfest! Then it's straight off on a residential trip with the kids from school. So I may well see you, somewhat bleary eyed, in a fortnight. xxx


Claire said...

Have a cracking time at Woolfest. Can't wait to see piccies of your purchases. Your blanket is looking amazing.

snoopydog said...

The blanket is looking amazing!!! Have a fab time at Woolfest! Rosx

Lynne said...

The flowers are beautiful, and your photos of them are great, the colours really come to life in them. I had to laugh at Flo on the blanket, it looks like she's well and truly stuck to it!

Spinthrift said...

Sorry to hear about OFSTED - at least its over now which is always a good feeling. Have a lovely time at Woolfest; it sounds as if you really deserve it this year.

Kim said...

Absolutely gorgeous blanket Helen! You did a fabulous job!

Love Kim

Kat Jorgensen said...

Your blankie continues to inspire me, Helen. Just gorgeous. And your flowers are SO pretty. Enjoy your time away.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers and I love how the blanket is turning out, Florance obviously approves too.

melissa said...

woah... the flowers are stunning! and then i scroll down and see such a gorgeous blanket!
flo is a clever kitty to try to call "dibs" on such a lovely lovely blanet :)
(maybe you and mr. jk can share a corner with her?!?)