Monday, 30 March 2015

And then there were socks!

sock knitting weekend (2)

Evening all! I got back home from Devon earlier today after a busy weekend of knitting, cake munching and tea drinking! The sock knitting went very well. We started off with a mini sock so that everyone could work through all the stages of knitting a sock. None of the girls had used double pointed needles before, so that in itself was a challenge to overcome! Add to that some revision on casting on and how to purl and it took longer than I had expected to complete the socks. However, the sense of triumph and delight when the final toe was grafted was tangible! Here are our mini socks for you to admire.

sock knitting weekend (4)

We made a start on the 'proper' socks using patterns from the Violet Green sock pattern generator. I like the fact that you can customise the pattern for both foot length and width and have always found it fits well. Flora managed to get the ribbing done before she had to leave.

sock knitting weekend (6)

After a hiccup with her casting on, Kay decided to work on her sock at home that evening, so Diane and I spent the evening knitting away together with the cats keeping us company. (Shhhhhh, don't tell Flo!!)

sock knitting weekend (13)

sock knitting weekend (7)

Kay popped back for a couple of hours yesterday morning and got her ribbing established and was so happy to have learnt a new skill. Diane was determined to finish her first sock and make a start on its partner. Just before lunch today, we had a grand 'ta dah' moment when we were both able to show off our finished socks.

sock knitting weekend (10)

Perhaps even more exciting, a new knitter was 'born' this weekend! Diane's 14 year old son was watching us fascinated, and wanted to have a go himself. Needles and yarn were found, stitches cast on and some progress was made on a skinny scarf! I cannot wait to follow the scarf's progress!

sock knitting weekend (9)

The girls are planning to get together this week to continue knitting their socks, and Diane is already planning her second pair!! Success! xxx

sock knitting weekend (3)


DebbyMc said...

Oh! This is a great sock pattern generator! I love all the tiny socks, and the big ones, too. And the kitties, oh my, so cute and cuddly and soft looking! And, may I say, that toast looks utterly delicious! What a fun time :-)

Jennyff said...

I expected socks and cake, the cats were a huge bonus. Great work your pupils must have been delighted.

Lynne said...

The mini socks are brilliant, and yey to two finished socks.

snoopydogknits said...

Spreading the love!!!! That was pretty speedy sock knitting! They look great! Ros x

knittingsandwich said...

oh fantastic!! what an amazingly productive weekend! everyone's socks (mini and otherwise) look fabulous!!