Friday, 12 April 2019

Latest Stylecraft yarn releases

Stylecraft has just released the last of their new yarns for the Spring and Summer collection. I should really say new colours rather than yarns as they are adding to the colourways in two popular collections. 

Four new colours have been added to the Stylecraft Special DK range. I've used this yarn to make blankets and I love it. Soft, easy to care for, long lasting and economical. There are now more than 90 colours in the range - we are so lucky that Stylecraft keep adding colours and not discontinuing any in this range. The colours are: Cornish Blue, Powder Pink, Toy and Spearmint. They are all now available from bricks and mortar shops and online stockists.

I thought it might be helpful to show you where each one fits in with existing colours. Firstly, Cornish Blue. It's a very pretty medium blue colour, reminiscent of the lovely Cornish Blue pottery range. (My family had a jug that custard was always served in so I am especially fond of this pottery!) 

Powder Pink is a very delicate, soft pink colour and goes beautifully with the other pinks in the range. 

Toy came about because of requests from toy makers. It's a fairly neutral colour that will work very well alongside brighter ones.

Lastly, Spearmint is a more pastel version of Aspen I think, but still quite fresh looking.

I believe that my fellow Blogstar Lucy from Attic24 is using some of these new colours in her latest blanket, Dune, which will be released very soon. So check out Lucy's blog to see how they work alongside some of the existing colours. 

The other yarn range which has been added to is Wondersoft. This is a very soft yarn for babies and children. I've used it recently to knit some baby clothes and the recipient couldn't believe just how soft it was. It certainly lives up to its name! Firstly Merry Go Round has three new colours. From left to  right, these are Fruit Salad, Blackcurrant Bonbon and Seaside Rock. The yarn knits up in a self striping way and is perfect for easy care baby knits.

Also added to the Wondersoft range are two colours of Wondersoft Prints. These knit up to give a Fair Isle effect, so you can impress people with your stranded knitting look without any of the hassle of knitting with multiple balls of yarn. 

The two new colours are from left to right, Georgy Porgy and Rapunzel. Another of my fellow blogstars, Catherine, has released a free pattern on Ravelry to crochet a cute little lovey. You can find out more if you take a look at her blog. xxx


Lynne said...

Love the new yarn, but what have you been up to. Any knitting going on? Are you still teaching school? Taken any trips lately? Really like the crochet work! You take care!! xo

VeggieMummy said...

Those new colours are scrumptious! It's been a while since I did any crochet, but I'm really tempted to dig out my hook and give it another go. Enjoy the Easter holidays. xx

Jennyff said...

Lovely fresh spring colours. Quite fresh here at the moment, there is snow in the mountain behind our house.