Monday, 10 September 2018

In Harmony

I've decided to start another crochet blanket as a companion on my journey to recovery. I was given the yarn pack to make Lucy from Attic24's Harmony blanket for my birthday last year and I absolutely love all the colours. There are 126 squares which is a little daunting. I think  it was the thought of all those ends that has put me off starting it before now, but I am going to be very disciplined and sew in the ends as I go along. You have permission to tell me off if you see any naughty ends appearing in my photos! The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK which is perfect for blankets and I know just how soothing the rhythmical movement of hook and yarn is. I've made my first square to check out the pattern and have decided to try the production line method, crocheting all of round 1 for the first strip of 14 squares before moving on the round 2. I reckon this might be the quickest way. I promise to report back soon on my progress. I have three hospital appointments this week so will be taking my rainbow sock with me for some calming stitches. xxx


busybusybeejay said...

Good to see you back.Hope you get some good results from your hospital visits.I presume you are off school.Fingers crossed.A good time passer is doing a jigsaw but means less crochet time.
I have signed up to do a basic weaving course in October.Have you done any weaving?

VeggieMummy said...

Those colours are beautiful, and I'm yet to see one of Lucy's blankets that I don't like. Good luck with those hospital appointments - I imagine you'll get a fair few squares done whilst waiting! xx

Jenny said...

3 medical appointments in a weeks sounds more daunting than producing all those squares and not half as much fun, I hope it’s going OK and you are keeping positive, good thoughts coming from Italy.