Sunday, 22 January 2023

Needle Felting with Flo

Meow! Meow! It's Flo here, I've taken it upon meownself to blog about the needle felting day that Mum did recently. I do consider myself something of an expert in felting; I have lovely, needle-sharp claws and have put them to good use on the stair carpet! (Oops! The less said about that, the better!) Anyhow, since Mum hasn't got round to telling you all about it, I am going to.

The day was set up as a birthday present for one of Mum's friends, so she invited another friend along too, so they could both learn the basics of needle felting. I immediately tested the squishiness of the foam pad and can inform you that it does make a very comfortable snoozing spot. Although it could have been a little bigger so that I didn't need to worry about falling off the edges! 

I put myself in charge of all the fibre, and made sure that I kept everyone on their toes by giving the odd little playful swipe with my paws when they were choosing colours! It was such a cosy place to be and the fibre was lovely and soft!

I was disappointed that no one decided to make a needle felted version of meownself, especially as I was right there in the thick of all the action - the perfect model! But under my Mum's supervision, they did make a very lovely toadstool and seal. 

Great fun was had by all and there is talk of another crafty day. I will be sure to be there in a supervisory capacity! Meow, meow, meow! xxx



busybusybeejay said...

So funny but great results.Barbarax

VeggieMummy said...

Hi Flo! Your mum is a lucky lady - that's a brilliant birthday present. The toadstool and seal are fantastic, although I agree that you would have made a perfect model! xx